My first attempt at a "blog", whatever that means.

I was looking for an online game to play and see if my gamer buds would join in.  I found what I thought was a fair candidate.  An MMO offered by Playtechtonics right here in Austin, Texas.  I downloaded the free game and saw that in order to donate or buy tokens, you have to be in something called the "Admiral's Club".  The basic game wasn't exactly great and I was thinking that a subscription might make it better.  If nothing else, I'd only be out a few bucks and could continue looking.

I tried to register on their official forums.  I waited a day with no response.  Since their forums seem to have only a few people active and no recent posts from an admin, I wrote to their support email (who is also their CEO) and asked if their forums have been abandoned.  Here is his response...

"Nah, we're just selective about who we let in

Aaron Hunter
Playtechtonics Inc. "

I thought that was a pretty incredible reply from a CEO who never met me and never had any dealings with me other than my trying to play the game they are "promoting".  Not a very effective way to promote an MMO game in my opinion.

It goes without saying that the game will be deleted from my computers. 

May the breaking wind be forever in their faces. 

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