My first attempt at a "blog", whatever that means.

I'm automatically auto-subscribed to any reply I make, even though I have that feature deselected in my profile.

Evidently, it works for some people as indicated in the following thread...


Also, if I try to navigate to the Forums Issues area (this area) from the GalCiv3 site, it says "Forums Go Boom".  I can navigate here from the GalCiv2 forums though.

on Jun 10, 2015

"It's done by design. You either have to un-check the button on the post or just ignore the subscriptions."

Per Island Dog (Stardock) in the galciv thread.  Kinda sucks as a design in my opinion.  However, for some reason on JU, leaving that checkbox checked does not subscribe me to the thread.  I reply a lot, ignore the checkbox, and currently have zero subscriptions.  I have my profile set to not subscribe FWIW.

on Jun 10, 2015

I replied as above, left the checkbox checked (default), and I'm not subscribed to this thread.


on Jun 10, 2015

My profile options for autosubscribe is UNticked and if I don't untick the box below, I will be autosubscribed. Daiwa I wish I knew how you're avoiding it, I would sure follow suit. Unfortunately these two fields may not be related.

on Jun 10, 2015

Weird, innit?

on Jun 10, 2015

It may be the forum Daiwa is posting from. The forums and the way they interact has always seemed to be a little wonky. I'm testing this now from the elemental forums and leaving it checked. I have been un-checking it for a long time now, hopefully I don't need to do that any longer.

on Jun 10, 2015

No luck. Still auto-subscribing with it checked - just like you'd think it would do

on Jun 10, 2015


I just replied to another JU post from DrJBHL & it subscribed me!  First time that's happened in a few months.

Like I said: weird, innit?

on Jun 10, 2015



and inconsistant.

harpo, the ghost NON-subscriber

on Jun 10, 2015

on Jun 11, 2015

Meh. If it's working as designed, I can keep unchecking or unsubscribing as before. I thought it was a bug, so...